How to teach a cockatiel to talk


Teach A Cockatiel To Talk

How to teach a cockatiel to talk? does cockatiel talk? The cockatiel parakeet is an extraordinary and very affectionate pet. They like to live together in a large cage in the absence of an aviary and can stay for hours on the human that they will choose as a perch. You can teach your cockatiel parrot to talk and pronounce words that they will reproduce quickly easy words and small ones, especially if you bond closely with them and your cockatiel love you because this relationship is cheap it’s very important. And also Even if the words they speak are not as clear as those of other parrots like an African grey or Amazon Parrot or Eclectuse, you will be surprised by their ability to sing and mimic sounds and memorize and repeat words.

Does cockatiel talk

You should know that the cockatiel parrot is better at whistling and singing than talking and learning to speak. But you can still teach him to talk and teach him to say a few words, but always with patience and love. A happy cockatiel parrot who feels good will not tend to shout a lot.

Creating links with the cockatiel

All you need to know about creating links with cockatiel parrot

Build a special relationship

In order for your budgie to learn to speak, you need to bond closely with her you need a solid relationship. You need to start by making connections between you and your friend the need to feel love so that she is used to you before trying to teach her words. and also  It is not possible to tame a cockatiel and teach it to speak at the same time.

  • If you want help making connections with your cockatiel you can ask a veterinarian, who is a competent professional. You can also inquire in a pet bird store.

Make sure she is healthy

You should, give good food and drink to your cockatiel regularly and provide it with a cage in which it will have enough space to be happy. If the weather conditions are not favorable, your budgie will certainly not want to talk.A veterinarian can confirm that he is healthy and lacks nothing

Make sure she’s happy

 A cockatiel needs a lot of attention and stimulus. To maintain her interest, you need to get her toys that she can have fun with and give her a lot of affection, whether she speaks or not. To be healthy and happy, a cockatiel budgie needs constant or almost constant stimulation.

  • Your cockatiel parrot will learn to speak and talk more easily if it feels good in its environment (safe calm and healthy). So make sure you get him a space in which he will be happy to live.

Teach him the first words

All you need to know about teaching the cockatiel the first word

Go to a quiet place

If you are in a quiet space, the cockatiel concentrates better on learning to talk and speak some words. In case your cockatiel bird easily loses focus you should change the place and area when you try to teach him a word and talk to him after covering his cage. This will remove distractions and help them to listen to your voice.

Go gradually

Start with a simple word and repeat it as often as possible. For example, you can start by saying your cockatiels name over and over again until it repeats itself. To teach him something different from his name, you need to use a word that is easy to memorize and repeat. A syllable or two, but no more, and preferably having a high sound.

  • Yes, cockatiel parakeets have high-pitched voices. If you say words in a deep voice, your friend may not be able to reproduce them.
  • Be logical. Say hello in the morning and good night before going to sleep, but not a good night in the morning! Your cockatiel parrot will associate words with actions and her biological clock this is very important.

Determine which words your budgie prefers

 Look your cockatiel straight in the eye this is very important that help you get his attention. Does its crest rise when you say something? Do you see his pupils dilate when you say a particular word?  If your cockatiel doesn’t show any physical signs of reaction, she probably doesn’t like the words you want to teach her.

  • If the cockatiel parrot does not speak, there may be other reasons. Sometimes the cockatiel will not be able to pronounce certain sounds. or the cockatiel will not be able to understand what you are trying to teach it

Always use positive reinforcement

When your budgie says a word, correctly or not, reward her with a treat and kind words. There is no perfect way to pronounce a word, some of us have an accent from Périgord, others from Canada, and others from Lille… On the other hand, when your cockatiel parrot makes an effort to replicate what you want to teach him, always reward him.


 Even if your budgie is particularly intelligent, she is not Freud or Beethoven! You will have to be very patient to teach him to speak or all your efforts could be ruined and useless. A simple misplaced gesture or a cry of annoyance could ruin everything. So always be super nice to her.

Take the next step

Once your cockatiel has memorized a word or phrase correctly, teach her a new long one, and so on. Step by step, but you still don’t want to hear the same word every day all day long!

  • Put your money where your mouth is. When you give a small piece of apple to your cockatiel budgie, say the word apple. If you give him a piece of salad, say… Yes! You follow, bravo! If you do this often, your cockatiel parrot will gradually pronounce the word and talk when he sees something approaching her cage.
  • Whistle. Even if you don’t whistle very well, you don’t have to be Mozart to whistle a few notes at your budgie. She will sometimes reproduce them. Be aware, however, that once your friend learns to whistle, she will most certainly love it and do it again more often than you’d like. A cockatiel can whistle more and sing more easily than pronounce words.


  • If you want to welcome a cockatiel parakeet into your home and teach it to speak, preferably choose a male, because he is much more talkative than the female who is more intellectual.
  • Sometimes some budgies start talking to get your attention, but when you get closer, they stop. If this happens, give your friend lots of love and attention, as she will learn to associate pleasure and words.
  • Record a few words on a breeder and when you are not at home, loop them so that the budgie can listen to them all day. Choose words that are simple and easy to remember. Don’t exaggerate. The idea is to talk for a few minutes and then leave a fairly long silence. If you still do not want your budgie to hear my love for 8 hours every day, it will quickly become tiresome…
  • If the cockatiel bird is old, it can be difficult to teach it to speak. The idea is to train them when they are 8 to 10 months old.
  • If you have a couple of stylish cockatiels, they’ll be less willing to talk with you. Indeed, as a couple, they will want to communicate with each other and not with funny humans.


  • Don’t be discouraged. NO! An axe or a gun will be useless. If your budgie doesn’t want to talk, she won’t talk. Some cockatiel parakeets never talk about their entire lives! This is not a reason to hate it, quite the contrary. Remember that adopting a pet into your home is a commitment that will last for years. Never abandon any animal, it is inhumane and means.

SOURCE: Rumble Viral

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