How to give a bath to your budgie


How to give a bath to your budgie

How to give a bath to your budgie: Whether to clean up or simply cool off, most budgies like to take a bath. Also, getting your budgie to take a bath is pretty simple, as she will do the majority of the work herself. Simply provide her with a small container filled with water and you will quickly see her jump into her bath and wave her wings so that the water trickles down to her skin. We advise you to have your budgie bathe at least twice a week, but more baths are recommended if the atmosphere in the room where your budgie is located is very dry. A bath will allow your budgie to smooth her feathers and rid them of dust and other small debris that can accumulate when she flies and plays in her cage during the day.


All you need to know about how to give your budgie a bath

Fill a shallow bowl with warm water

The water level in the bowl should not exceed four or five centimeters. Make sure the water is lukewarm, as budgies are sensitive to cold.

  • Small bird baths can also be found on the market that attaches directly to the bars of the cage.
  • It is possible that your budgie does not like the bowl of water you have placed in his cage. In this case, make sure that the bottom of the cage is clean and place greenery, such as grass, for example, wet. Your budgie will certainly roll around to clean herself, which will have the same effect on her as taking a bath.
  • There is no need to use soap.

Place a towel under the cage of your budgie

This towel will allow you to absorb any splashes when your budgie takes his bath.

Place the bowl in the bottom of the cage, so that your budgie can jump into his bath

 Make sure the bowl is on a flat surface to prevent water from spilling into the bottom of the cage before your budgie has had time to enjoy his bath.

  • You can also run a little water in a previously washed sink and then use it as a bathtub. Bring your budgie to the room where the sink is located and put it in the water. Don’t forget to check that all doors and windows are closed before taking your budgie out of its cage to prevent it from escaping.

Let your budgie have fun

You will certainly notice that once in the water, your budgie will start flapping its wings and throwing water everywhere. It is these wingbeats that allow your budgie to take a bath. By the way, did you know that most budgies love to swim?

  • It is possible that your budgie does not dare to go directly into his bath. If this is the case, do not worry and give him time to adapt to this new situation. However, if after several minutes she still has not decided to jump into the (big) bath, we advise you to switch to the other method presented below.

Let your bird dry

Once his bath is over, you will see that your budgie will stir in all directions to dry itself. Just make sure your budgie isn’t in a draught or too cool place when it dries. Tip: drafts can be avoided by placing a towel on the cage of your budgie .

Clean the bathtub of your budgie

Once his bath is finished, remove the bathtub from the cage of your budgie. Clean the cage of your budgie if you have placed greenery in it. Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands once the cage or bathtub is cleaned.

Using a vaporizer

All you need to know about budgie bath

Find or buy a vaporizer

They are usually found in the “household products” or “shampoos” departments of supermarkets or in the “gardening” departments of DIY stores.

  • An alternative is to place a specially designed perch in your shower. This kind of perch can be bought in pet stores. To bathe your budgie, you will then just have to use the “low jet” setting of your shower head and run warm water.

Fill the spray bottle with warm or slightly hot water

As stated in the previous section, under no circumstances do not use cold water to bathe your budgie. Indeed, parakeets and most small birds are sensitive to cold.

Turn the spray nozzle to “fogger” mode

Most vaporizers allow you to select different modes by simply rotating their tips. It is strongly discouraged to spray your bird with a trickle of water to give it a bath. Instead, opt for a fairly fine mist for bathing your budgie.

Spray the water on your budgie

Try using your spray bottle so that water comes from above on your bird (as rain would in nature). Do not spray the water directly into the face of your budgie, she may not appreciate it at all.

  • Do not hesitate to offer this kind of bath to your budgie every day if you have time.

Let your bird dry out

Just make sure that the place in which your budgie dries is relatively warm and that there is no draft.


  • It is important to buy a vaporizer specifically for your budgie. Indeed, a spray bottle that has already contained cleaning products, for example, may contain traces of chemicals that, when mixed with water, may have a harmful effect on your bird.


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