African Grey Parrot Price


African Grey Parrot Price

How Much Do African Grey Parrots Cost? how much do parrots cost? The African grey parrot price is between $ 1,600 and $ 3,600, The vet and insurance bills can go up to $ 3,400 per year.

regarding any other essential element for the African Grey Parrot adoption, costs around 3,500 $ healthy food, perches, dishes, a cage 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide by 4 feet high (61 x 91 x 122 cm), Bowls, Litter, A transport cage, colored toys.


Parrot African Grey

The African Grey parrot is a very popular and common ornamental bird. This species has been known as a domestic animal for centuries. These parrots appear on Egyptian hieroglyphs, and several civilizations have also considered them as such. The parrot African grey parrot accompanied Portuguese sailors during their long sea crossings.

The adult male Congo African grey parrot is a stocky parrot. The African Grey body plumage is gray with paler edges giving an intense scaled effect, especially on the head, neck, back, and breast. The wings are dark gray with blackish primaries. Uppertail-coverts and rectrices are bright red.

On the underparts, the gray scaly effect of the breast fades to paler gray to whitish on the belly and vent. Undertail coverts are red.

The head is lighter with a rather white scaly effect. The bare facial skin is white and includes care, Dolores, and broad eyering. The strong, hooked bill is blackish. The eyes are pale yellow. Legs and feet are gray to dark grey.
Both sexes are similar.
The immature has a red tail with a darker red tip. He has gray eyes.

How much is an African grey parrot

The African Grey Parrot Costs Between $ 1,600 and $ 3,600.

When buying an African Grey parrot, keep in mind that you will also need to buy him a few items so that he can bring it to the test and feel at home. This includes gymnastics components and perches. Don’t be too shocked at the major nature of its spending. In this category, you will be able to spend equally huge or also little as you wish.

If the intelligence and the multiple capacities available to the African Grey parrot, or Gray of Gabon, never ceases to conquer the hearts of lovers of originality, certain factors must be studied closely to definitively decide on the bird:

  • 1. The purchase price depends on how the specimen was raised
  • 2. The cost of the animal’s living arrangement
  • 3. The food budget to be planned over several decades
  • 4. Caring for an animal is considered special

Once all this data has been reconsidered, you can then establish a more precise budget for what the bird could cost you in the long term.

african grey parrot price

Average African Grey Parrot Price

The average price of the African Grey Parrot and The Timneh Grey Parrot:

African Grey Parrot Species Average Price (USD)
Congo $1,600 – $3,600
Timneh $2,000 – $3,500



How much do African Grey babies cost?

The exact parrot price varies depending on the type, age, sex, parrot skills, communication and Intelligence, speech abilities, and Color Mutations, but for a Baby African grey parrot, expect a cost of $ 600 to $ 4000

African Grey Parrot cost

Why Are African Grey Parrots So Expensive?

The African grey is a very expensive parrot because he is one of The Most Intelligent Birds In The World. and one of the top 10 smart animals in the world. African Grey are among the most intelligent birds with their smartness being comparable to a five-year-old child, and also he is excellent talkative parrots that can mimic the speech of humans. African Greys Parrots are considered the most intelligent talking bird species, with speaking and thinking abilities comparable to human toddlers, and speaking about the price generally yes African grey is expensive but is less expensive than Macaw parrot price like hyacinth The hyacinth macaw will cost you more than $100,000.

The amount that you’ll pay for Parrot African Grey will be based on :

  • Genetics: Good quality genes
  • Age: Older Parrots cost more
  • Sub-species: African Grey Congo -African Grey Ghana – Timneh African greys
  • Size: Smal Parrot or large Parrot
  • Trained Parrot: African Grey trained with some tricks will be more expensive
  • Intelligence: All African grey parrots are intelligent but there are some who have an exceptional ability to count numbers, distinguish colors, and differentiate objects, and all that makes them more expensive
  • Vocabulary: African Grey with more vocabulary  and more talkative will be more expensive
  • Gender: Females are more expensive than males because they lay eggs
  • Breeder: African Grey Parrot  from Reputable breeders will be more expensive
  • Hereditary diseases: African Grey Parrot health problems can reduce the price and healthy parrots can make prices more expensive
  • Location: The price is based on the Breeders and owner and location.
  • Breeding: African Grey is very hard to breed and to get more baby


List of African Grey Parrot Care Supplies and Costs

Habitat $500
Bird travel cage  $120
Treats $60 a month
Habitat Substrate $50 a month
Food/Water Dishes $50
Perches $35
Toys $150
Mineral Block Chews $10
Spray  Bottle $10
Nail Clippers $10
Vitamins / Supplements $40
Vacation boarding $160
Insurance $300
Pellets $200
Seeds $150
Emergency care $100 – $500
Fresh fruit and vegetables $250
Vet Visits (Routine/ Surprise) $180 per visit and the tests and surgeries, etc


Is an African Grey parrot a good pet?

The Congo African Grey Parrot (Psittacus Erithacus) is a cheerful and cheerful animal that loves company. From the Psittacidae family, African gray parrots make great pets because they are very sociable birds, The African grey parrots have been kept as pets for thousands of years


How long do African grey live

african grey lifespan

African Grey Lifespan: The average life expectancy of the African Gray Parrot is 60 years under good conditions

Its life expectancy in captivity can go up to 60 years if it is raised in good conditions. But African Grey parrots can live up to 55 years in captivity when they are well cared for


Is it illegal to have an African grey parrot?

Given its great popularity, regulations have been put in place in the US regarding the acquisition of The African Grey. Today, it is in Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which means that its trade has become banned.

Check with the DDCSPP (Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Protection of Populations).

Microsoft Word – Convention-EN-with-Bonn&Gaborone.docx (


Obtaining Legal Ownership

The United Nations has effectively banned trade in the African grey parrot.

The African Grey Parrot was added to the CITES Appendix 1 list, making them endangered. This list details all endangered animals that need protection and is recognized by the U.S. and other 178 member countries.

For buying or selling the African grey parrot it’s necessary to have 2 types of CITES Article A10 Certificates and also must be marked with a closed leg ring or a microchip.

The CITES Article A10 Certificates:

  • TSC: The Transaction-Specific Certificate
  • SSC: A Specimen-Specific Certificate

This list details the animals that need protection from over-exploitation and is recognized by 178 member countries, including the U.S.

Utmost new parrot African grey owners don’t need to apply for a certificate for marketable use( because the dealer should have one), it’s worth doing so in case you ever need to sell your African grey parrot. Without the applicable paperwork, you can only give away your pantomime because no plutocrat is allowed to change hands.

Very important !!!

Owners must ask the seller or the breeder or the parrot owner to see the certificate before buying. because you could get into trouble with the authorities Law. Licenses cost around $500, which is passed on to the buyer.


The Congo African Grey Parrot: one of the most popular parrots in the US

Amazon, Cockatoo, Macaws, Eclectus, Parakeet, Quaker, Conure, Cockatiel, Lovebird, Senegal Parrot, Budgie … The large family of parrots comes in nearly 350 distinct species. Known for their fairly massive hooked beak and their very pronounced colors, these birds of the order Psittaciformes make very good pets. Of all the specimens, the African grey parrot – also known as the Gray of Gabon – is the most successful.

Recognized as the best-selling bird of the Psittacidae family in the US, but also in Belgium, the Gray of Gabon is also the best speaker of all parrot species! However, if the parrots of the African Grey type turn out to be the easiest to breed compared to other species, the Gabonese Gray remains a relatively “difficult” specimen. Thus, some details should be taken into serious consideration before embarking on the adventure, in particular the price of Grey from Gabon.


How Much Does An African Grey Cage Cost?

The average African grey cage price ranges from $300 to $600.Due to these specialized requirements:

Owning a parrot involves some constraints, it is imperative to know the physiological needs of your pet. The choice of a cage is essential so that he can evolve comfortably and in the best room.

  • Each parrot has its own cage

If you have chosen to live with a parrot, you have accepted into your home a more or less voluminous animal and it is essential to find it a habitat in which it feels comfortable. These cages are specially selected for their manufacturing quality and functionality.

  • A large parrot cage

If you cannot let your parrot go free in your home, it is important that he finds in his cage an ease of movement and play.
These cages are designed to meet these needs because the wide choice of dimensions offered allows your pet to shatter without damaging its plumage.

Your African Grey Parrot will be comfortably seated in this spacious and elegant parrot cage. Keep in mind that the cage is a living space and must be safe and comfortable since it is here where your bird will spend most of its time. Thanks to this large cage, your bird will benefit from a pleasant space and will also be able to enjoy a relaxation area at the top of its cage on which it will stretch its legs.

With this large parrot cage, tedious cleaning chores are over thanks to the two drawer bins that are easy to remove. Feeding your bird will also become simple with the feeder holders accessible from the outside and equipped with a simple latch and its removable feeders are easy to clean, with no more risk of your bird escaping at the time of the beak. You can distribute his favorite seeds in one of the two removable feeders provided.

african grey cages

African Grey Cage Characteristics


African Grey Parrot cage for parrot – 164cm

  • Solid and spacious parrot cage mounted on wheels for easy movement- Black
    metal structure- Door with locking latch and double security 27.3 x 52.7cm
  • 3 indoor feeders: diameter 11cm depth 6cm
  • Accessible each from the outside and closed by a latch, these feeders are removable and will be easily supplied without having to disturb your pet by opening its cage.
  • 3 wooden perches, including one outside (diameter 2.3cm)- 2 maintenance drawers (height 4.5cm) for easy cleaning (including one under the playground)
  •  Tray with anti-projection borders to avoid dirt- Spacing between bars: 2.5cm, diameter vertical bars: 0.3cm, diameter horizontal bars: 0.4cm
  • External dimensions of the cage (anti-projection borders and playground INCLUDED): 99.5 x 77 x 164cm-Dimensions of the bare cage: 82 x 58.5 x 138cm 164cm– Parrot living space (internal dimensions): 78.5 x 56 x 84cm– Wheel height: 5 cmFoot height: 16 cm

Characteristics of the playground-Height 26.5cm– 2 metal feeders:
diameter 11cm depth 4cm- 1 metal ladder (36cm/ 5 bars)

  • 1 wooden perch, length 81cm- 1 maintenance drawer for simple cleaning (height 4.5cm)

This cage will be perfect to shelter a medium-sized parrot such as the African grey or Timneh Parrot


How to choose your large parrot cage

Rectangular, square, or even triangular models guarantee that you can be installed anywhere in your home, against a wall or in a corner. Depending on the size and type of parrot it is necessary to adapt the size of its habitat. Small parrots such as Green-cheeked Parakeets and Quaker Parrot or cockatiels or Senegal Parrot or lovebirds need a small cage, and larger ones such as African Grey, Timneh, Amazons, and Macaws need more space with a large cage.

Choose this range for your cage to ensure the well-being of your pet.


What’s The Average African Grey Food Price?

African grey food prices range between $50 to $80 per month

Now that you’ve adopted your new pet, moved him into his new home, and given him gym equipment and toys… What should be fed to him? Discover our complete articles on the African grey parrot diet. You can expect to spend between

$20 and $40 per month depending on size and appetite for the purpose of the shoots, and between $30 and $40  for the purpose of the fat balls. As for fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables, you will need to count between ten and 35 € monthly. This generates a monthly total of between 50$ and 80$.

African grey food

The African Grey parrot eats fresh fruits, vegetables, croquettes, shoots, and mixtures of shoots. Provide him with cuttlefish bones to enrich his ration with calcium. Like a lot of parrots, he will drop on the ground the food that he does not like and will seize the others with his paws and tongue to shell them. He should not consume avocados and parsley because he can poison himself.

Here is our particular selection of foods and food supplements of high quality and very beneficial for the gray parrots of Gabon:

Of course, no alcohol, salt, or even chocolate. You can read our article dedicated to the food of the grey parrot

The African parrot feeds mainly on fruits and seeds. For its diet, it depends mainly on oil palms, setting its sights only on the luscious and refreshing flesh of fruits and typically abandoning hard nuts. In Gabon, the most successful categories of trees are badamiers, cheese trees, fig-trees, plum trees, Bombacaceae, and kinkélibas, without being able to specify the order. In Cameroon, the menu is composed of 20% flowers, just over 28% seeds, and 53% fruits divided into 7 categories.


What’s The African Grey Toys Price?

The Grey parrots need to distract themselves all the time: when bored, they feather themselves and can end up completely feathered in the most important states. The simplest method is to offer your image toys and renew them from time to time before they leave them or your image makes your own toys.

African grey toy prices range between $50 to $180

Think of Toys: These very clever parrots need to be constantly stimulated, either by games, tricks, or headaches. Skill exercises are important for their balance, they enjoy learning and showing what they are capable of, plus it is absolutely not difficult to teach them a trick. Foraging games are essential to help agree their curiosity and their need to be constantly busy.

Wooden toys for parrots

The African Greys are destructive parrots, you have to provide them with toys, wood, nuts, and fresh branches to help them take care of and trim their beaks, and you will also save your furniture during outings. African parrots need to distract themselves all the time, when they are bored, they pluck, and can end up completely feathered in the most important states. The simplest trick is to get your image to get toys and remake them from time to time before they leave them or your image produces your own toys.


What are The Average African Grey Health care costs?

Think about it properly, because this question is not the majority carried out in order to dissuade you. I just mention it now, because we have not yet finished listing the costs and expenses that will result from the arrival of this bird in your life. Think, for example, of health spending. They include the annual visits your bird will need, as well as its vaccinations. You can consider adding between $75 and $220 to your parrot’s annual expenses, depending on its size.


African Grey Parrot insurance: what price should be expected?

If the offers are still limited for parrots, they are developing more and more, insurers being more and more anxious to stand out from the competition with formulas always closer to the specific needs of pet owners.

There are three categories of parrot insurance:

  • Economic formulas, which allow you to benefit from 50% coverage of the main veterinary care in return for a maximum contribution of $55 per month;
  • intermediate formulas, which cover a wider range of veterinary care for reimbursement of up to 70%, in return for a contribution of around $40 to $60  per month;
  • High-end formulas, the most coverage and advantageous, fully or almost reimburse most veterinary care, for an average monthly contribution of $50 to $120.

To protect the health of your little companion, it is, therefore, necessary to plan between $100 and $200 of the average budget each month. The more the formula is covered, the more expensive it will be, but the more care covered, the higher the reimbursement rate, the higher the annual reimbursement ceiling, and the lower the amount of the deductible. In addition, it is possible to benefit from other benefits such as coverage in case of theft or death.


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