Budgies talk

Budgies Talk

Budgies talk: How to learn to talk to a budgie? Native to Australia, budgies are gentle pet birds. Intelligent and affectionate, budgies brighten up the house. They are also good at talking, especially males. Even if it takes time to teach a budgie a few words, the game is worth it, as you will develop a close bond between you and the bird.


Interacting with a budgie

All you need to know about interacting with a budgie

Place the cage in a strategic location

Since budgies tend to try to replicate the words they hear, put your bird’s cage in a room you’re in often, such as the living room. By listening to you speak frequently, your budgie will learn to pronounce words quickly by trying to reproduce some of your words.

  • The kitchen might also seem like a good location for the cage, but fumes and grease are particularly toxic to these animals. So do NOT place the cage in your kitchen.
  • In the same way that budgies learn the language of their congeners, they will want to learn the language of humans to communicate. If she hears you talking daily, your new friend will be encouraged to replicate what she hears.

Make close connections

To teach a budgie to speak, it is essential that you have a special relationship with her. The closer she feels to you, the more the budgie will seek to communicate with you. 

  • To begin, familiarize the bird with your presence by spending as much time as possible in the same room. You can just read a book and watch TV. Little by little, your new companion will feel comfortable in your company. 
  • A good way to strengthen the bonds between you is to teach the budgie to ride on your hand and then ride on your shoulder. By taming the bird, it will be easier for you to teach it to speak.
  • Try to spend as much time as you can with your new friend.

Separate your budgies

In case you have several budgies in the same cage, they will prefer to communicate with each other than with you. To teach a budgie (or several) to pronounce words, it is therefore better to separate them and work with them individually, without the presence of other birds.

  • You should be aware that the more your budgies (if you have several) communicate with each other, the more difficult it will be for you to teach them to talk.
  • If you want to teach a budgie to talk, it is best to have only one in the house, at least to begin with.

Budgies Talk

budgies talking

Teaching a budgie to speak

All you need to know about teaching a budgie to speak

Know how to talk to him

To teach a budgie to speak, it’s not just words that count. The way you speak is also very important. Be very enthusiastic. The more lively and cheerful you are, the more motivated your bird will be to learn to pronounce a few words. 

  • When talking to your friend, bring your face close to her (and don’t talk too loudly). You will certainly find that your budgie looks at your lips as you speak words. It is even possible that she is trying to touch your mouth with her head. 
  • If your budgie looks at your lips with dilated pupils, it is because she is in learning mode.

Slowly pronounce different words.

Start for example by naming the different elements in the room (sofa, chair, table …) very clearly. It is also possible to name other animals you have (if any) or members of your family. 

  • When you enter the room, say hello to your friend and when you leave, say goodbye to her. ! By doing this, your bird will gradually associate the words with the actions, and repeating them every day will facilitate learning.

Formulate short sentences

You can pronounce single words, but you can also make short, simple word associations and repeat them as often as possible. For example, when your friend gets on your finger, say something like it’s good. When the budgie is having fun with her toys, you can also tell her things like it’s fun. or are you having a good time.?

  • Also communicate with your budgie when you give him food or change the water in his cage. Say things like you’re hungry? or do you want to eat something?
  • By associating specific actions with related words or groups of words, your bird should learn to speak faster than if it listens to words without being able to associate them with something. 

Budgies Talk

How To Train Budgie

Answer him

When your budgie starts trying to pronounce a word or a few, you certainly won’t understand what she’s going to say.  The fact that you do not understand is not important, however, motivating the bird by answering it is a good method, especially if you are trying to repeat what it would like to pronounce. 

  • If the budgie says a word and you feel like she is asking you something, it is even more necessary to answer her. If, for example, her body movements suggest that she has the urge to do so, tell her something like you need to go to the bathroom and put her in an appropriate place. 
  • By showing interest in her behavior and body language, you will further encourage your friend to learn to speak.


  • Parakeets are usually more talkative in the evening and morning. Always try to communicate and teach your friend to talk during these times for 10 to 15 minutes at each learning session. 
  • When you talk to your budgie, turn off all devices that can generate sounds (stereo, telephone, television …).
  • If your budgie learns to speak very slowly or doesn’t learn at all, don’t get discouraged. It’s not your fault, some birds just don’t feel like talking.
  • Young budgies, especially those accustomed to human presence, can learn to speak much more easily than older parakeets. 
  • Even if your new friend is able to learn a large number of words and phrases, it will take some time for him to improve his vocabulary significantly.
  • Generally, males have an easier time learning to speak than females. This is probably due to the fact that in order to attract the attention of females during the breeding season, they have to sing a lot. 

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