Green wing Macaw

green wing macaw
Green wing Macaw measures up to 95 centimeters in length and weighs up to 1.5  kg. It has a sturdy, stocky body, a long tail, and a large redhead with cheeks whose bare white skin is streaked and spotted with red.
The body and tail feathers are also red with yellow streaks down the belly and some blue rectrices. The flight feathers are also of this color while the wing coverts are green (hence the specific name of this bird).
The bill is massive with a flesh-pink upper mandible and black lower mandible. The legs are dark gray and the irises black-edged with clear. His cries are shrill.

Along with the hyacinth, it is the largest of the macaw family. Excessively intelligent and docile bird. Surely the kindest and tolerant of macaws as much towards children, other birds or animals in the house, as well as with strangers.

Family bird. Childhood for a very long time. Very interactive and empathetic. Intimidating by its size and beak. Moderately good speaker.

Red and green macaw (Ara ararauna-chloropterus)

Green wing Macaw Distribution 

This species is widespread throughout South America, from eastern Panama to the northwest and eastern Colombia, eastern Peru, and Ecuador, throughout Venezuela, to the three Guyanas, Brazil, northeast, and east Bolivia, from Paraguay to Concepción and northeast Argentina.

Green wing Macaw Food 

It is a granivorous and frugivorous bird ( JacarandaTetragastrisSclerolobiumHymenaeaCopaiferaCaryocar, etc.). His tendency to eat clay gives him the ability to eat certain fruits filled with toxins.

Green wing Macaw Reproduction 

It nests in the hollows of trees. The female lays two eggs which she incubates for about 27 days. The young fly away at the age of three months but do not become independent until between four and six months. These animals form faithful couples all their lives.

Meet And Greet: Scarlet the Green Wing Macaw

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name: Ara chloroptera
Class: Birds
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Green wing Macaw Size: 90 cm
Weight: 1 to 1.7 kg
Green wing Macaw lifespan: 50 years
Incubation: 24 to 28 days
Number of eggs: 2-3
Habitat: tropical forest
Diet : granivorous, frugivorous
Distribution: Central America and South America
Conservation status: non-threatened species

Macaws are psittacines; they are part of the same family as parrots.

They are mainly differentiated by their large size: the blue-winged macaw is 90 cm long! It owes its name to the green color on its wings.
They feed on fruits, and seeds, open thanks to their powerful beak, and also consume clay, providing them with mineral salts.

You will be surprised by their bright colors, but also by their powerful cries!

Psittaciformes Order

Psittacidae Family

Green wing Macaw Size: 90-95 cm
Approx: 125 cm
Weight: 1050-1700 g

Green wing Macaw lifespan: Up to 60-80 years

A Visit with Santina – Green Winged Macaw

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Very similar to the Scarlet Macaw or Ara macaw (Ara Macao), the Red-winged Macaw has darker red plumage and the upper wing is green instead of yellow. In addition, the white face has lines of red feathers. It is the second-largest parrot in size, after the hyacinth macaw.

The adult male has a redhead and coat. The median wing-coverts, scapulars, and tertials are green. Back, rump and upper tail coverts are blue. The long graduated tail is red, with blue tips.
Underparts are dark red except blue under tail-coverts.
The head is red, with the face white and bare, crossed by lines of red feathers. The strong, hooked bill has horn-colored upper mandibles with rather blackish sides of the base of the bill. The lower mandible is blackish. The eyes are pale yellow. Legs and feet are gray.

The two sexes are similar.

The juvenile resembles adults. He has a shorter tail. The eyes are gray. The bill has a gray lower mandible and the sides of the base are mostly white.

The red-and-green macaw protection

The green-winged macaw threats

Ara chloropterus status

The Chestnut Macaw is experiencing declines in parts of its habitat, due to disturbance from humans.
This species is seriously threatened by trapping for the illegal trade in ornamental birds. Habitat loss is also a significant threat.
This macaw is generally uncommon, and the birds are often scattered.

This Friendly Green-Winged Macaw Is Losing Its Home

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Green wing Macaw price

You can find green wing Macaw for less than 1,200$. The serious macaw costs around 2,000$.

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